The UV shop arm sleeves are ideal protection against harmful UV rays from the sun.

Sun protection, with compression and comfort. Our materials are certified with a rating of “excellent”, UPF 50+ Ultraviolet Protection Factor, these sleeves provide great protection and keep you feeling cool, without the mess of sun cream.

The sleeves do not hold moisture and are ideal for sports/ water sports. 

The highest quality materials are used to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness whilst in the sun.

Suitable for all outdoor sports & activities.

When would you wear these UV sleeves?
The UV shop arm sleeves have proven very popular with: bowls, basketball, tennis, rowing, cycling, fishing, cricket, jogging, running, golf and many more activities. Our sleeves are also useful for work involving constant exposure to sunlight such as driving, construction and gardening.

Want to avoid chemicals in sun cream? Sick of reapplying? Hands slippy when playing golf, cricket or tennis due to sun cream? no need to smear sun cream over the car door when you can slip on your sleeves and keep cool.

In the cold and wet weather these sleeves are an essential item of kit to include as part of your training gear, as they are a compressive insulating layer.

Extremely comfortable to wear

The comfort of these sleeves combined with the compression and stretchable characteristics are catered for by the chosen materials polyamide and elastane.

 Proven to be very popular for sports people of all ages, from school kids to lawn bowlers in their 90's.



Rated UPF 50+ 

Materials used to make theUVshop arm sleeves are rated UPF 50+ by Australian standards. These are an EXCELLENT sun safety product.

See HERE for more information about ARPANSA and sun safety guidelines.

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